The Mom Show, written and performed by New York Times best selling author and Tanglewood Festival Chorus tenor Michael Levin, is a warm, emotional roller-coaster ride with eight original songs – a tribute to Michael’s mother and to immigrant mothers of all backgrounds.

The Mom Show is performed in one act, 80-minute running time at the Calderwood
Pavilion in Boston’s South End, part of the acclaimed Huntington Theater Company.
The show will be the first live theater in Boston to launch, now that the pandemic is
finally winding down and the Mayor has given the green light to theaters to reopen
(with limited capacity and COVID precautions).
The show tells the story of Michael’s mother’s life, from birth in Belgium in 1936,
escape from Europe during World War II, early childhood in Cuba, life in New York,
marriage and divorce, the murder of her father, starting over again and again, and
finally succumbing to Alzheimer’s at age 82.
It’s the quintessential immigrant story, starting with her father, who ran away from
his home in Poland as a 12-year-old to create a new life for himself in Western
Europe, and how he had the resourcefulness and courage to escape the Holocaust.
The story moves from Poland to Czechoslovakia, from Belgium to France to Spain,
from Havana to New York, and tells multiple sub-stories of other family members.
The show features eight original songs, written by Levin and arranged by musical
director Nancy Loedy, and Levin even dances in one of the songs.

Spend an evening with mom

The Mom Show is for everyone with a mom, and for every family that came to this country from somewhere else. 


The Regent Theatre

7 Medford Street, Arlington, MA 02474

Opening night

Sundays June 13th at 7pm 

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